Cylinder Heads

All engines and parts are remanufactured in house.

Cylinder Head Rebuild Services – Highest Quality Workmanship at Competitive Prices

Contact AC Machining for all your cylinder head repair or part needs.

AC Machining offers full service industrial engine repair and remanufacturing services. Our experienced machinists and parts specialists are available to discuss your specific needs. All repairs and rebuilds are completed to OEM specifications.

Fast Turnaround Time

We work hard to minimize your downtime with fast turnaround. Whenever possible, we ship working cores while we repair yours.

Experienced staff

Our professional staff adheres to the highest quality assurance standards and provide custom machined products to your exact specifications.

Modern technology

Engine designs evolve, and so does AC Machining. We rebuild and repair using modern technology practices that get your engine back to OEM specifications.


3406B and 3406C Caterpiller

Core charge $500.00.  We do not accept cracked cores. 30 days for core return. Cylinder head comes assembled with injector chambers.  Your core must have injector chambers installed.

1.9 Diesel – Engine code BJC / BEU / BXT / BEQ

2.0 Diesel – Engine codes CPYA / CPYB / CPYC / CPYD

2.0 Diesel – Engine codes CBJB / CBHA

2.0 LP Gas – Engine code BEF